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TAS Aviation

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Reimagining an aviation maintenance icon


Billingham Agency was tasked with refreshing the branding and online presence of an aviation maintenance industry icon without compromising its brand identity and heritage.

The Solution

Contrasting Designs Take Flight. 

We selected clean imagery and minimalist fonts to simulate the art of flying. Then we paired sophisticated graphics with rugged textures to highlight their mechanical proficiency.

Streamlined and Simplified. 

We overhauled the entire site with a suite of new features. Inspired by a plane’s wind trail, we added minimalist line-drawn animations to effortlessly guide the browsing experience. We re-engineered navigation and content to give users a seamless and satisfying scrolling experience. And we added a scalable Content Management System (CMS) so that their internal team can post content, update planes for sale inventory, and own day-to-day site administration.

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