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Get noticed.
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 Our team of marketing professionals, graphic designers, copywriters and web developers, help you find the most compelling way to position your brand online. 

Responsive website design, Capital Strength Ottawa

We bring your real-world products, professionalism, and personality, online to your customers.

Every brand has a unique identity and yours is no exception. Our mission is to give your company the digital home it deserves.

We get to the heart and soul of what makes your company special and weave a digital journey for your customers that helps them remember you long after the first page hit.

Less is more

Your website should minimize the total word count and amplify the customer experience with premium multimedia content. 

Before a single line of code is written, our team works with you to develop a content plan that prioritizes the “right” content. 

We then use this as the website’s foundation and  build a navigation structure that helps potential customers find the content that speaks to them. 

Featured work: The Cup 2020

Responsive website design, CARHA Hockey World Cup

More specifically, our team helps you:

Determine the simplest way to communicate the complexities of your product and/or services

Evaluate your legacy website’s SEO performance, compare that data to competitor rankings on Google, and establish a plan for the new website’s content and navigation structure.

Better understand your customers, what matters most to them, and how your products & services bring them more value than your competition.

the perfect combination of Artistry & function.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to find the right combination of technology and people that allows Billingham Agency  to deliver more value to our clients than firms 10x our size. 

We work with both enterprise clients and small business but the focus has always been the same: 

Be creative, do great work, and help our clients leave their mark on the world. 



Featured work: Power Edge Pro 

Website design, Power Edge Pro Hockey
Responsive website design, Buyers and Cellars Ottawa

Your brand. Your vision.
your look.

Separate yourself from competitors with premium text content, stunning graphic design elements, and ‘big brand’ product & lifestyle photos that jump out of the screen, elevate your brand, and improve conversions.


Featured work: Buyers and Cellars

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