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Your brand is your passion. Bringing it to life, is ours.

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Featured work

Billingham Agency had the pleasure of working with Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa towards the end of 2021. Our team coordinated with their internal marketing team, interviewed their chefs and students, and produced a cinematic experience that complemented the Ottawa campus’ rich history. 

We then paired this content with stunning b-roll that brought every dish to life and highlighted the unwavering passion for food that makes Le Cordon Bleu so extraordinary. 

Who we are

Billingham is a boutique, full service advertising agency located in Ottawa. We combine creative storytelling with stunning visuals to help organizations of all sizes get noticed and be remembered. 

our team

Robin Billingham

Founder | Chief Creative Director

Graeme Kehoe

Director of Strategy

Kendal Fyke

Account Manager

Sabrina Heideman

Graphic & Web Design

Content with purpose

We don’t just produce content… We produce great content designed to engage and convert your audience. It is our fundamental belief that every frame in a video should have purpose. Every photo should invoke an emotional response and communicate the passion and energy you’ve invested into building your business.

Our home

Our 3500+ square foot production facility and creative studio is situated in the heart of downtown Ottawa. It is a creative outlet that allows our team to discover new, more engaging ways to tell the story of your brand. 

It also allows us to capture and deliver photo and video content with unparalleled speed, quality and consistency. And because the multimedia content is produced under the same roof as the campaign strategy, there is never any disconnect between the message, the supporting visuals, and the final execution.