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The Twin Cessna Flyer

A World Class Membership Experience

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Twin Cessna Flyer has been in business for 35 years, dedicated to ensuring operators stay safe and maintaining the viability of their fleet for years to come. With a community of thousands of fleet owners, pilots, maintenance professionals, and aviation enthusiasts, they have built a reputation for excellence and reliability. Given that Twin Cessna aircraft are no longer in production, it is critical that the collective knowledge of the community is shared with future generations. This knowledge sharing is essential to ensure that Twin Cessna aircraft stay in the air for years to come, preserving the legacy and functionality of these remarkable machines.

Recognizing the need to modernize their brand and expand their network, Twin Cessna Flyer sought to revamp their online presence while maintaining the integrity of their extensive data. They requested a comprehensive new website featuring a rebuilt member forum, the introduction of a virtual seminar course, and a redesigned magazine.

The Solution

Website & Membership Platform

Our team was dedicated to creating a website that is modern, user-friendly, and a one-stop shop for members’ needs. This includes a rebuilt member forum, access to a 30+ year online magazine archive, a maintenance support ticketing system, and much more.

Previously, Twin Cessna Flyer utilized seven separate systems to manage their membership subscriptions, credit card payments, member support systems, magazine distribution, and a member forum with over 20 years of posts, replies, and media uploads. Billingham Agency consolidated all these systems into one unified custom website backend. This project has reduced customer inquiries and saved the Twin Cessna Flyer team over 60 hours of administrative work per month.


Virtual Seminar

As part of their website revamp and desire to extend their network, we collaborated with the Twin Cessna Flyer team to create a virtual seminar course. Twin Cessna Flyer has hosted a highly sought-after, four-day engine and system seminar at their headquarters. Recognizing that not everyone could attend in person, they wanted to make this valuable course accessible online.

Our team traveled to Defiance, Ohio, to film the four-day course in their hangar. The editing team meticulously reviewed the footage, incorporating all the usual course materials and adding motion graphics and title effects to maximize learning outcomes. The content was broken down into modules for easier digestion, each followed by a test to reinforce learning. Participants are awarded a certificate upon completion and will continue to have access to the material as needed.


A New Magazine Design Takes Flight

Along with the website overhaul and digital rebrand, our team developed a new design for their flagship monthly print magazine. We now work alongside their editorial team to design, proof, and publish their monthly magazine to thousands of Twin Cessna enthusiasts, pilots, maintenance professionals, and airports worldwide.

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