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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

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Billingham Agency had the pleasure of working with Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa towards the end of 2021. Our team coordinated with their internal marketing team, interviewed their chefs and students, and produced a cinematic experience that complemented the Ottawa campus’ rich history. We then paired this content with stunning b-roll that brought every dish to life and highlighted the unwavering passion for food that makes Le Cordon Bleu so extraordinary.

The Solution

From the professionalism of the instructors, to the dedication and ambitions of the students, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa is an environment where students develop the skills they need to achieve their life-long career goals. Our team chose every shot carefully to ensure we captured the technique and attention to detail that has been passed from one instructor to the next since 1895.

What truly resonated with our team was the uniquely personal atmosphere of the Ottawa campus. The intimate space and small class sizes created an environment where the chefs and students knew each other on a personal level. One on one feedback opportunities from the chefs allowed students to learn concepts faster and more effectively. We used jump cuts and creative pacing to draw parallels between the experiences of students from different parts of the world and convey this core theme to the audience.

One of the most exciting (and humbling) parts of this project was finding the right way to convey Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa’s timeless charm, luxurious finishes, and warm atmosphere to the audience. From the moment you step into the building, you are completely immersed in the magic of Le Cordon Bleu’s legacy. We carefully composed every interior and exterior shot to ensure those who watched the video could share in the same experience as those who attended.

"At Le Cordon Bleu, we are excellent at teaching students the right path towards a higher element of preparation… Just like if we were in a Michelin star restaurant. "

Yannick Anton


, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

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