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Power Edge Pro Hockey

The Future is Now

An Innovative Online Marketplace For Hockey Training and Development


Billingham Agency was tasked with building an online presence that conveys the energy, excitement, and electricity of Power Edge Pro’s high-performance hockey camps and their most famous graduate and brand ambassador: Connor McDavid.

The Solution

A Source of Power: Power Edge Pro has thousands of camps and franchised instructors across Canada, the United States, and Europe. We gave their brand a central online presence to book training, and connect with players, coaches, and owners. 

Strategy Beyond Xs and Os: We simplified cost accounting to automatically distribute revenue to franchisees and the head office using a state of the art marketplace platform. 

Whiteboards and Dashboards: We built a detailed dashboard for PEP franchisees to review orders, stay organized, and download PEP teaching resources to ensure all camps meet the brand’s elite coaching standard.

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