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1VALET is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated connected software ecosystem that offers a unique and frictionless smart living experience to residents. Billingham Agency was tasked with producing a promotional video that showcased the elegance of their intelligent concierge solution and used real-world situations to demonstrate how 1Valet allows residents focus on what matters: living their life.

The Solution

1Valet’s solution seamlessly integrates within multiple technology ecosystems as they recently partnered with the Rogers Smart Home Community and Mattamy Hub. Billingham Agency was asked to collaborate with both internal marketing departments and their agencies of record to customize the video content for multi-channel distribution. 

We coordinated with 1Valet to come up with a storyboard that was engaging and lifestyle focused, but also flexible so it could be customized for their new partners. We structured the video edits with this mind, and used CGI to seamlessly replace various UI screens so that they could feature each brand individually. The result: 3 personalized videos that could be shared across each network, thereby maximizing total reach and campaign engagement. Both Rogers Smart Community and Mattamy Hub have openly embraced the video content and shared it across their networks. Billingham Agency had the opportunity to coordinate with both organizations internal marketing departments and Agencies of Record throughout the process, and received positive feedback at every stage of the collaboration. 1Valet has received tremendous feedback form their stakeholders regarding the launch of the video campaign, and we have continued to produce content for them to this day.

"Billingham has been an absolute pleasure to work with from day one. Robin and his team are quick, responsive, easy to work with, and have always produced exceptional, top quality work. They've handled every challenge we've put in front of them with the utmost professionalism, and have managed to turn around every request in a timely and efficient manner. From the array of services they offer, to the level of class and artistic excellence they put into every project, we've been nothing but impressed with everything they've produced. We would highly recommend Billingham to anyone who's looking to create memorable creative content, and look forward to working closely with them again in the future. "

Hugo Moreira

Marketing & Communications Manager


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