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Vittle Meal Prep & Capital Strength

Do More With Great Food

A collaborative Campaign
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Billingham Agency has always prided itself on working with like minded organizations who value quality products and building long term relationships with their clients. That’s precisely why we are always on the lookout for campaigns that can compliment the multiple brands we represent. For the last 5 years, we have been the AOR for Capital Strength training systems here in Ottawa. During this time we were also hired by Vittle Meal Prep to reinvigorate their social media presence. Capital Strength helps their customers reach their fitness goals in the gym and Vittle helps their clients achieve their weight loss goals by preparing and delivering healthy meals to their doors. We identified a potential content partnership and pitched the campaign idea to both business owners.

The Solution

The goal of the The Do More With Great Food campaign was to showcase how entrepreneurs and busy people can benefit from the time saved when meals are delivered to them. To kick off the campaign, we showcased Capital Strength founder Nick Haince, arriving at the gym at first light, ready to start his day. However, because he already has breakfast ready for him when he arrives, he is finally able to sit back and appreciate the business he built. He is able to do more with the time he has available to him.

Our team coordinated with both brands on the campaign launch that also coincided with a referral program/partnership between Capital Strength and Vittle. The video was posted on both social media channels, receiving the highest combined engagement of any previous posts from the individual companies.

To this day, Capital Strength and Vittle Meal Prep have an ongoing referral program and we are proud to have played a part in this collaborative relationship.

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