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Rosehall Run Vineyards

Introducing Pixie Petite

Light, Refreshing, & Delicious.
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Rosehall Run is known for great value, high quality wine and their refreshing Pixie Sparkling Rosé has become a summer staple for many wine enthusiasts.

Billingham Agency was charged with introducing Pixie Petite, a light, refreshing and delicious younger sibling of the Pixie Rosé, to the LCBO. Pixie Petite is the perfect single serving size for the cottage, boat, pool, or picnic, and our team set up the filming location with this experience in mind. We also leveraged a warm colour palette and slow motion footage to truly capture the essence of ‘Pixie.’

"The process was very easy. Billingham looked after all the details, advised us when we had questions, and completed the project within the timeline given. We were very happy with the outcome and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again next time!"

J.J. Syer

Sales Manager

, Rosehall Run Vineyards

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